Monday, June 1, 2015

April 21

These last two weeks be really worry! Last monday My companion had changes I dont know why he left but its was werid because we wont ready for that! So my companion has be a mini missionary but he got sick and sent home. So I got another mini missionary! I wont be getting a Elder companion till next Wedesday in change meeting!! CAMBIOS next week! Dayana Gil didnt get baptized because she like cafe! So I have to get her some Mormon Cafe called Morcafa! Its a cafe made out of Wheat! So this Sunday she gets baptized! Last week My mini missionary and I found this super prepared family! They have family members that got baptized couple weeks ago but my frist companion Elder Heslington I love that Elder! This family is pilas and They agreed to be baptized on the 17th of May. So their wedding is the 16th of May!! Yesterday this family scared me and i was really up set! Their names are jennifer and Juan. Jennifer calls me and tells me. Elder Vega Im not get baptized anymore and I dont love Juan! I was like what happen. They got in a little fight. So 45 minutes later Juan calls me and tells me what time is the family night? They told me they still want to get baptized and married! I was really happy but in that 45 minutes I was like Satan what did you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Lord answered my prayers! I still have a future family baptism and Im really happy! Thats my great story for the week! I love the mission! This mission has changed me and I love it! GUATEMALA IS THE BEST PLACE TO BE!  

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