Monday, June 1, 2015


Well Hello everyone! How am I doing? Im loving the mission!!! I have a baptism this sunday after stake conference! I have a awesome story! On Sunday we have a family of investagors! Alan is the man of the family. He told that they agreed to get baptized on May 31th as a family! He told me his plans for this Sunday. After Stake conference hes going to ask his wife for her hand in marrage! The best part about it there will be a lot of people watching this!! Hopefullly he doesnt chicken out!! haha Im really excited to see family Herrera get baptized and a year after they will go to the temple and be a family forever! Thats not only family Elder Mendieta and I have, we are also baptizing another family on the 17th! I been seeing mircles in my area! By the way I have a new companion his name is Elder Mendieta and his from Peru! City of Lima! His really cool! and I love him! What makes me so happy that this children of Heavenly Father are coming closer to him! I still have so much faith that my family will become a family forever! I still have hope and faith that my dad with get baptized someday! Thats why im working really hard so that Heavenly Father can give me that blessing that my dad can get baptized! I really love my mission! I know it has changed me! I know that the book of Mormon is true with all my heart! Im reading right now my favorite part of the whole book, the part of captin Moroni! I like to apply what Moroni did in his life with the district the lord put me in charge of! I know that this wonderful district is looking upon me to be a example to them and love them! I love every misionary in this mission! I love my friends that are a example to me! Love you guys ! 

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