Monday, June 1, 2015

April 7

Hey guys. How are you guys doing?? Well this was another great week. Yesterday was one of the greatest day of my whole mission! Yesterday was district Pday!! The sisters,my companion and I made brownies in the bishops house!! Dont worry Im still a kid and I made a big mess of Flour because one of the sister Hermana Castanon hit me with flour in my face. My face was white and dont worry I got pictures. Like I said im still a kid and I got back at her and fulled a plate full of flour and dump it all over her face and dont worry I have pictures of her face also!!! Then we watched Emma Smith the Movie and that was really great!! Emma went though alot with Joseph Smith. My area is great. I love the work and I love this mission yesterday was my 8th month on the mission! Im so happy to be here!! The talks of General Conference were great!!! Saturday they talked alot about marriage! it was funny because all the missionaries that know English went to a room to listen to it in English! The missionaries about to go home were making their plans to get marry after their mission! So for who ever is going for a Husband. This missionaries are pilas and most of them live Utah!! hahahahah I love Conference!!! 
Heres all my new pictures and the sister in my district took my camera and took lots of pictures but dont worry I will send them all!!!  

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