Saturday, April 16, 2016

February 17

No more Antigua for me!!! So Im in Solola where the waters of Mormon are!!! My New companion is Elder Thompson from St.Geogre Utah.  I also have a new calling!!!! Im a Zone Leader now!! Yesterday was my first day in Solola it was great!!! We have a baptism for this weekend!!! Its the most beatiful zone of the whole mission because we are in the Mountains and we get to see the coolest lake in all Guatemala!! I cant remember how to spell the name of the lake!!! Its colder in Solola then Antigua. In Solola my English wont work and my spanish is going to help me a little but we are starting our class of Kaqchikel on Thursday. Im excited to know Kaqchikel! Im already loving my new calling. I have the greatest companion ever! Im happy to be in Solola in the district Panajchel as a Zone Leader! Have a great week!!!  

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