Saturday, April 16, 2016

March 22

Another awesome week! We had been working like animals here in Solola. We are pumping the zone up and the zone is doing really well!! Love it!! We had seen a lot of the lords help!! I know Heavenly father has sent his angels to prepare the people!! We have seen many hearts open up!! Its really great!! We had to give some talks on Sunday but my companion forgot to me, so we were still prepared in the last minute but the importante thing is that the members felt the spirt of the lord through our talks!!! I love working in three branches, Its a so different and really cool!! We are running everywhere and our cell phone rings a lot. Haha A lot of work and having fun at the same time!! Elder Thompson is my favorite companions! We have a great friendship!! Im so happy with all we are doing for the lord and the missionaries in the zone!! My faith is strong and everyday it gets stronger and I love enjoying the spirit everyday! I love you guys all and Have a great week! I want to stay in Solola for the rest of my mission!!! 

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