Saturday, April 16, 2016

February 9

I have a funny story for you guys this week!! So my foot started to really hurt a lot. I thought it was something esle and I dont remember what its called in English but I had a huge amount of die skin on my little toe! Yesterday we had a zone pday playing sports. We were playing soccer and I got kicked in my little toe. It hurt so bad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So the sisters in the zone didnt play soccer. So they look at my foot and started to cut out the die skin but my pain was not coming for that! One of the sisters. Hna Guevara look in the middle of my toes and she found a fungus. Haha so right now Im treating my fungus haha but its was a painful time!! Sister Blancas took my camera and recorded my pain haha!! Hna Guevara and Hna Rasmussen are the best because they were not sacred to fix me haha!! Going back to the mission. We have a baptism this weekend!! Hes name is Osbin To. The work here in Antigua is going great!! Really happy to be here!!! by the way next week is TRANSFERS. So I wont be writing till Wednesday!!! Love you guys!!  

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