Saturday, April 16, 2016

February 23

Another week has gone by to fast!!! Solola is awesome!!! I love it!!! I travel a lot.. We have 3 branches. So we have a huge area!!! It been really great!!! I have never been so tried in my whole mission like now but its a blessing!!! So I learned to give correction with love!! Our rentenion helper of the district forgot to call us and ask about our converts for the second time!!! It was great to give some correction with love. Our retenion helper yesterday told the district that I gave crrection with love!! I felt better great!!! Im really happy with my calling and Im enjoying my mission more and more everyday!! Time is going by to fast but thats ok. I will give it all I have and enjoy every second of it!!! I have pictures of the Elderes and Sisters of the Zone Solola!!!   

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