Saturday, April 16, 2016

March 1

Well this week was our conference with Elder Duncan. He is a area 70! He is a very sprituallly person and his wife too!!! I know we needed that visit of them! I see the vision of the Heavenly Father of what he wants in the mission Guatemala city Central and also in the zone Solola!! That vision is really up lifting!!! Elder Thompson and I, have our zone seeing this vision and we are all spirtually up lifted!!  As a zone we are giving all we have and we all always giving more!! I dont know how to explain what I feel right now but I feel like a got set apart again and full of energy to get the work done!! There is not time to waste and its time to have more families in the church and more Elderes and missionaries going to serve with all their hearts, mind, and Strength!! The mission is the best!!!!! We are doing new things and some dont work but others do!!! Like I said i dont know how to explain my feelings right now!! March madness starts today in Zona Solola!! WE are so Excited to be here and giving all we have!!!!! Have a great week aand I love you guys!!! I LOVE THE MISSION!!!! ZONA SOLOLA IS THE BEST AND ALWAYS WILL BE!!! 

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