Saturday, April 16, 2016

March 8

March Madness here in Solola is going really well!! This week we had district conference and its was really great on Sunday we have 10 investigadores in church that was really great. We had new converts meeting and President Markham ask everyone to say their name and how long has been a member!! I was the last one to get up and my mission president. President Markham told me to tell my story and it was cool but the coolest part was. In the meeting some white friends were their they came down from utah!! You believe it but one of them is from my stake at home!! He told me he is the high counsler to my ward!! He told me I cant say his name because when he gives his next talk in my home ward. He was going to speak about my time in Solola!!! It was awesome to see someone from my stake!! We went to Antigua yesterday. I was bored haha it was great and I got car sick too!!! We are seeing all of miracles!!! 

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